Neuraptive Therapeutic’s mission is to bring cutting edge technologies to patients with peripheral nerve injuries and their doctors to improve the overall standard of care.

Our Vision

Neuraptive sees a future where nerve injury patients have vastly better outcomes through the development and implementation of novel methods and tools to treat their injuries.


Nerve Injuries

Peripheral nerve injuries (PNIs) are the most common insults to the nervous system. Arising from a wide variety of civilian and combat trauma, there are an estimated 1.4 million patients admitted to hospitals or treated in emergency rooms with PNI. Of these, ~900,000 are repaired using the standard of care.

Immediately after a cut or crush PNI, the distal (away from the body’s center) portion of the body being innervated by that nerve is rendered without function and sensation. More importantly, the distal portion of a cut or crushed peripheral nerve always undergoes programmed degeneration. Recovery after degeneration is exclusively mediated by regeneration of the proximal (upper) portion on the nerve. Unfortunately regrowth of the proximal axons is very slow (~1mm/day) and highly imperfect. The timeline to maximal recovery is measured in several months to as many as three (3) years. And maximum recovery ranges from 0-75% of the preinjury sensation of function as measured at the fingertips or toes.

Most importantly of all, there is no method or technology available today to treat PNI that improves upon the speed or the quality of the natural regeneration process. Neuraptive is developing the AxoFuse Nerve Repair Kit™ (AxoFuse®) to fill this gap in the treatment of severed peripheral nerves leading to significant improvement in clinical outcomes.