Neuraptive’s core technology is an adaptation of a widely used biotechnology to induce the fusion of cells. The Company’s flagship product, the AxoFuse Nerve Repair System™, consists of pharmaceutical solutions and a delivery system in a sterile tear-open pack for one-time-use in the operating suite.

Core Technology

Core Technology

The key to AxoFuse is an adaption of a well established method used to induce the fusion of cells in vitro. Low molecular weight polyethylene glycol (PEG) temporarily alters the biophysical properties of the plasma membranes of cells permitting PEG-treated cells, when in close approximation, to fuse.

PEG-fusion was adapted to the fusion of neurons through several years of research and development. The method has been fully optimized for use in vivo. The process now incorporates other steps to allow a high percentage of severed axons within a severed peripheral nerve to become fused.

Mechanism of Action


After an axon is severed, in-rushing extracellular Ca2+ induces vesicles to plug the ends.

Solution 1: Primer

Ca2+-free, hypotonic saline causes axon swelling to eject the vesicle plugs, thus opening the ends

Solution 2 - Antioxidant

Methylene blue inhibits reformation of vesicles thus keeping the ends open

Solution 3 - Fusogen

High-concentration, low-MW PEG in H2O induces membrane fusion across the severance of closely apposed, open axon ends

Solution 4 - Sealing

Normal Ca2+-containing saline rinses away residual PEG & induces vesicles to seal any remaining holes in the axonal membrane