Neuraptive was founded to commercialize innovative technology from the University of Texas. The Company is dedicated to bringing this technology to patients.



The PEG-fusion technology is the culmination of nearly two decades of research at the University of Texas at Austin in the laboratory of Dr George Bittner. Much of the research was supported by the Lone Star Paralysis Foundation. Neuraptive was formed in 2016 with a mission to bring this technology to clinical practice.

The Company has operations in Boulder, Colorado and Austin, Texas.

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NOV 2016


Company founded in Austin, Texas to commercialize PEG-fusion technology.

JAN 2017

Initially Financed

Seed capital used for company formation and initial operations.

JAN 2017

Acquired Core PEG-fusion Technology

Neuraptive executes invention assignment agreements to core PEG-fusion technologies.

MAY 2017

Acquired PEG-fusion Technology

Neuraptive executes exclusive option to PEG-fusion patent estate from University of Texas at Austin (UTA).

AUG 2017

Funding of Seed Round Financing

Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN) leads to $1M convertible debt financing.

AUG 2017

License of PEG-fusion Technology

Company exercizes option to an exclusive license to PEG-fusion technology from UTA.